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According to the application, either for power transmission or motion, there are different types of pinions and gears:

  • Spur gears

  • Bevel gears

  • Helical gears

  • Hypoid gear

  • Sprockets

  • Worm & worm gear

  • Racks

INDUSTRIAS FAMEC manufactures all these types of gears in the materials that the customer requires, according to the level of demand, and the heat treatment required for the different types of traction, gearboxes depending on the application and the changes of angles of movement.

For the above INDUSTRIAS FAMEC has special equipment, such as gear generators and broching machines that uses gear hobbings and broaches.

Worm gear

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Spur gear with keyway

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Hypoid gears

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Spur gear with internal splined

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